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Buy & Sell Property

Buying A New Home

Searching for and buying a home can be time-consuming and complicated, yet it is one of life’s most exciting and fulfilling experiences. Norman Ostrow Inc. has the knowledge of the local real estate market that will make finding the right home satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable. We eliminate the guesswork by identifying properties based on your specifications of location, price, amenities and other factors. Above all, we represent your interests when searching for a home

Norman Ostrow Inc. will analyze the many factors influencing property values in the Hudson County NJ area.  We understand the trends and characteristics that shape valuation. This helps us develop a strategy so your offer best meets your objectives. We’ll provide information and guidance on the many factors you must consider when drafting an offer to purchase. Additionally, we will work with you and your legal counsel to make sure appropriate contingencies are included to protect your interests. Our agents are trained in the negotiation process and will implement techniques to resolve conflict and seek consensus between buyer and seller. Contact us today to start the search for your new home.


Selling Your Home

Norman Ostrow Inc. can determine a pricing strategy for your property – one that ensures you will not miss a selling opportunity. This customized pricing strategy is based on an evaluation of comparable properties and an analysis of market trends in the area. Based on this information, our agents will prepare a comparative market analysis of your home.

We understand the importance of target marketing. You can depend on us to develop a customized marketing plan that is designed specifically to attract qualified buyers for your property. Through targeted advertising and internet marketing, we will implement a plan that maximizes exposure of your home to potential buyers. In addition to your home appearing on our website, we work closely with national real estate websites like Trulia and Zillow.

Once your property is listed, it is very likely that your buyer will be the client of another agent. Norman Ostrow Inc. prides itself on its reputation for cooperating effectively with other agents to complete the home sale. Additionally, you need a variety of professionals to effect a successful real estate transaction. Norman Ostrow Inc. can provide the names of qualified professionals including: attorneys, inspectors, insurance agents, title companies and home warranty companies. Contact us today to request a consultation on how to start the process of selling your home.